At ACTIONN, we believe that the people most affected by issues are the voices that should be at the forefront of discussions about solutions to those very issues. Poverty puts roadblocks up to ensure that the most marginalized do not have access to voting, their elected officials, or even their own neighbors.

Our Weeklies Organizing Initiative seeks to help bring those living in weekly motels into the conversations happening at the city- and county-wide levels in regards to affordable housing, motels ordinances, and redevelopment. The initiative works to connect them with their neighbors in order to build power and to connect them with the wider community in order to educate, break stereotypes, and build relationships between people of different backgrounds.

We have four primary committees within our Weeklies Organizing Initiative in which volunteers can get involved in our work.

Good Neighbor Committees
Our Good Neighbor Committees connect members of faith communities and the wider community to residents at weekly motels. Through these connections, Good Neighbor Committees are formed at each of the weekly motels that we work in. These committees work to build relationships with folks in the weekly motel, register residents to vote, develop each other’s personal narratives, and develop leadership to fight for structural change.

We believe that strong relationships build communities where everyone has a role to play. It is only through deep conversation, long-term relationship, and shared values that we can truly understand the path forward to an economically just Northern Nevada.

They are also working to create a Speaker’s Bureau, where low-income residents can go to community and faith organizations to share their stories and the importance of fighting for structural change.

Our outreach team goes out to new weekly motels to begin building relationship, identity leaders, and begin the process of forming Good Neighbor committees. Additionally, they do voter registration in weekly motels, take surveys in order to better understand life in the weekly motels, and hold events at weekly motels that show potential for leadership.

If you are interested in joining our Weekly Organizing Initiative, as either a volunteer or as a low-income resident, we invite you to join our Weeklies Organizing Team. In order to learn more about how to get involved, please email