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Candidate Questions

Q1. What are your top 2 priorities for the Washoe County School District?

Q2. How would you increase the resources needed for our students and teachers to be successful?

Q3. How would you ensure that all of our students and teachers learn and work in a safe school environment?

Q4. How would you ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for marginalized communities, such as people of color and religious minorities, in our schools?

Jeff Baclet

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John Eppolito

A1. 1) Educate parents on all aspects of their children sharing personal information, data, and school work with free “education” vendors.
2) Let parents decide if/when their children will start using on-line “education” apps. and software.

A2. Help educate Nevadans, and lobby the legislature. Since 2014 I’ve worked with both Democrat and Republican Nevada State legislators to improve education and protect Nevada students. During the 2019 legislative session I was the main individual who encouraged and helped write two bills:
AB312 which was sponsored by Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner (R)
SB403 which was sponsored by Senator Moe Dennis (D). AB312 did not get a hearing due to “political” issues.
SB403 passed after being modified by Washoe County School District.

A3. I believe in a more traditional education, more books, papers, pencils, group work, critical thinking, communicating with their classmates in small groups and presentations, and more computer programming (coding), but diminished use of on-line “education” apps and software.

A4. The three answers directly above would all help ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for marginalized communities. Marginalized communities (students) are the ones who will be harmed the most by personal information, data, and school working being shared with both official and unofficial school entities.

Diane Nicolet

A1. 1) Successful development, implementation and monitoring of a budget based on student needs and their success, employee support, infrastructure management and community partnerships.
2) Continue to develop instructional programs and support systems to ensure every student obtains a useful & relevant knowledge-base that aligns with a skill-set while positioning them for a successful future.

A2. A) 1) Identify the must-haves and corresponding expenditures. 2) Identify the nice to have and can live without and corresponding expenditures. 3) Identify the do not need and corresponding expenditures. 4) Place in abeyance those nice to have and dump the do not need. This is an easy concept to write about, not as easy to implement. It will take a broad range of deep-dives that must include all areas within WCSD operations. The deep-dive, in conjunction with the trustees and community partners, must be shouldered by the experts- WCSD district employees, this too is easy to identify, and complex to enact. 5) Thoroughly examine revenue streams to identify – sustainability, gaps and strengths as well as opportunities for innovation. B) 1) Continue to identify and cultivate community partnerships that support WCSD programming and infrastructure, 2) Identify new WCSD programs that support our surrounding communities’ needs and visions. How to increase resources is an important question, with no one correct solution. As I type my answers, during our COVID-19 challenges, I am reminded that as there is no one right answer, there too is no one person who can solve the problems related to the human condition. We Are In This Together!.

A3. Continue the work of the WCSD Safe and Healthy Schools Commission (SHSC). Much has been accomplished as a result of the SHSC’s dedication to each and every student’s well-being. My mind tells me that a 100% assurance is fleeting, my heart tells me it must be done. Every student, employee and anyone participating in a WCSD activity must be safe at all times – the goal is a worthy one.

A4. No matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like or how you came to your current place – WE All Must Be Treated With Dignity and Respect…..until as such time something else is warranted.

Craig Wesner

A1. 1. Leadership at the board, gaining more control of the district at the Board Level. 2. Improving the WCSD Culture, the working culture within the school district has been toxic, with a new superintendent and a new Board, there is an opportunity to work to improve the working culture.

A2. The most important need for resources is increasing school funding to the national median level. This is not something the Board of Trustees can do however, we can lobby the legislature to move in this direction.

A3. The intangible portion creating a safe environment is tied to improving the WCSD Culture, this will take work but does not include a significant financial investment. The second would be to include security and safety improvements to our schools such as single point of entry. Such improvements will require significant investment into our schools and are currently being implemented.

A4. I think the biggest benefit to our communities would be to increase educational opportunities. We have schools with specialized programs such as: college prep; CTE; STEM and; STEAM programs. If you are zoned for schools that doesn’t offer a program that reflect your learning needs, you may be out of luck because you can’t get to the school that works best for you. We need to either expand our programs to more schools or improve our transportation system to get kids to schools that will maximize their potential.

Paul White

A1. Campuses/classrooms that are orderly and drug free, and strong accountability for academic performance, i.e.: You don’t pass the subject matter, you don’t graduate

A2. Schools don’t need more resources. A number of states fund less than NV and outperform us. We need better stewardship of the resources we have.

A3. Enforce the existing rules for student behavior. The danger doesn’t lie from without, but from within: from not holding students accountable for dangerous/disruptive behavior.

A4. The question is incorrect and damaging because it assumes existing, intentional unfairness. Equal opportunities currently exist for everyone. Success depends upon what each individual student DOES with those opportunities.

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