ACTIONN has set out to ensure the most pressing concerns of our community are at the forefront of the 2020 campaign season. Our People First Voter Guide is the result of months of engagement with hundreds of voters and dozens of local candidates.

We started by listening to hundreds of friends, family members, and neighbors to learn about their top concerns and issues. This led to the creation of our People First Platform which highlights 4 major areas of concern: housing, healthcare, immigration, and education. Based on our platform, we asked every local candidate a handful of important questions to better understand how they would address these pressing community issues.

Below you will find the candidates’ responses to these questions. We hope this voter guide will be a helpful resource as you decide how you will vote in the 2020 Primary Elections.

Candidate Responses

Washoe County School Board
District A
District D
District E
District G

Washoe County Board of Commissioners
District 1
District 4

Reno City Council
Ward 1
Ward 3
Ward 5

Nevada State Senate
District 15

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Important Information

About this Voter Guide Learn more about the People First Voter Guide and how it was put together
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Vote by Mail
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People First Platform
This voter guide is based on our People First Platform. Check it out!
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