Over the past 2 years, ACTIONN has been leading the fight for more affordable housing in the community by successfully organizing and advocating for an Affordable Housing Trust Fund in Washoe County and for important bills in the state legislature.

We believe this work is more important than ever. Our community is faced with some serious challenges and now is the time for our elected leaders to invest in love and justice and divest from broken systems that continue to hurt and marginalize.

To drive the conversation about what that should look like we intend to engage in powerful voter and candidate engagement in 2020. We don’t want to do the same old voter engagement that happens every election year though. We want to build a community driven, non-partisan, issue platform that is rooted in our shared faith values. This will let us educate and engage voters in a new way and start important conversations with candidates that lead to actual solutions to the pressing challenges that impact our families and community everyday.

Throughout the Summer of 2019, we held over 30 community conversations in faith communities, with non-profit partners, and in low-income weekly motels and apartments in order to understand the issues effecting our neighbors and the values that guided their lives.

This Fall, we are bringing together a group of leaders from each of the conversations to create the platform that will be publicly launched on Thursday, October 3rd at 6:00 PM, Little Flower Catholic Church.

This platform will guide our voter engagement work through 2020, which will engage voters and candidates through the issues and values identified as important to our community. We will do this work through voter registration, get out the vote, candidate forums, voter education, and census work.