We are so excited about the release of our new video giving a glimpse into the lives and stories of weekly motel residents in Washoe County. Thanks to our volunteers Azzi and Vera, we were able to complete this video despite the limitations of our non-profit budget. It gives us the opportunity to provide people throughout our community a glimpse into a life that they may often look past.

As a community, we are growing, but too many people are being left behind. Not only are our neighbors getting left behind economically, but they are often physically erased from our landscape. Whether its through proposed anti-vagrancy laws intended to push our homeless neighbors out of downtown, development that replaces much needed weekly motels with arts districts, or simply avoiding the communities that cause us to look too deeply at our failures as a society, the results are the same: we ignore the stories and experiences of people affected by extreme poverty.

ACTIONN is working to change that through empowering residents of weekly motels and other Northern Nevada residents affected by extreme poverty to go the our community and faith organizations to share their stories, break stereotypes, and inspire informed and compassionate action. Speakers will be provided with an honorarium and trained how to share their stories in compelling and trauma-informed ways. We are working hard to move this initiative forward now and hope to have our first panel of speakers ready to present in a few months time.

This is time consuming work , and your support as a volunteer is much needed to move forward in ensuring that these stories are able to reach the people in our community who most need to hear them. Will you join us in developing our Speakers’ Bureau?

Email aria@actionn.org or call (775) 453-6137 to learn more about how you can get involved.


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