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Candidate Questions

Q1. How would you increase funding and incentives to develop affordable housing for low and middle-income communities?

Q2. How would you support the growing number of renters in our state?

Q3. How would you increase the resources needed for our students and teachers to be successful?

Q4. How would you address economic and racial disparities in our schools?

Q5. How would you create a welcoming and supportive environment in Nevada for immigrants and their families?

Q6. How would you increase healthcare access and affordability in Nevada?

Q7. How would you increase community capacity around mental health and substance abuse?

Partisan races with only one candidate per political party will not be included in the Primary Election ballot.

Alexis Hansen (Incumbent)

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Paula Povilaitis

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A1. Apply for grants for developers to pursue low end housing units. Work with other legislators to restructure our Tax system to capture revenues that are in our older properties. We are missing out on millions of monies by failing to change our property tax laws. Collaborate with business to help with employee housing. Ie Tesla.

A2. I believe that the market should not determine the cost of housing. Regulations are in order. Landlords should only be allowed a small yearly increase.

A3. Creating revenue for Nevada is difficult. We can tax mining and casinos a bit more. We should think about a state income tax but it would not pass. Our sales tax is the only way to increase revenue and we are exhausting that source, Federal money for teacher housing and student loan debt would help. More grants instead of loans. Low cost loans. Use the marijauna monies wisely.

A4. All schools should receive the same amount per pupil. The PTO organizations are where we find a lot of inequity in how schools have more extras. At risk schools need more help.

A5. We are a country that is founded on immigration. All are welcome. We need to foster justice for all. Community services need to be accessible and staffed. A push for more study of second languages in our school curriculum may be very helpful.

A6. Expansion of Medicaid could be a first step. I am in favor of Medicare for All. I am pleased that the state of N at least participates in the ACA.

A7. Training more staff. I was taught to help with suicide prevention. We need to find funding for health issues of all kinds. Go fund Me is not the answer. Support group access and availability through our charitable groups. More outreach to find those in need.

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