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General Election

Candidate Responses

Q1. The resurgence of Black Lives Matter has shined a spotlight on the failure of police departments throughout the country to truly ensure public safety. What would you do to address policing concerns impacting the black and immigrant communities and reimagine public safety in our community?

Q2. In addition to policing, how would you address racial injustice in education, housing, and social services?

Q3. COVID-19 has devastated the state budget. What would you do to address budget shortfalls?

Q4. COVID-19 has further worsened an already severe housing crisis in Nevada. How would you address housing security issues?

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Candidate Questions

Barb Hawn

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Teresa Benitez-Thompson (Incumbent)

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Primary Election

Candidate Responses

Q1. How would you increase funding and incentives to develop affordable housing for low and middle-income communities?

Q2. How would you support the growing number of renters in our state?

Q3. How would you increase the resources needed for our students and teachers to be successful?

Q4. How would you address economic and racial disparities in our schools?

Q5. How would you create a welcoming and supportive environment in Nevada for immigrants and their families?

Q6. How would you increase healthcare access and affordability in Nevada?

Q7. How would you increase community capacity around mental health and substance abuse?

Partisan races with only one candidate per political party will not be included in the Primary Election ballot

Barb Hawn

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Teresa Benitez-Thompson (Incumbent)

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A1. Two specific ways come to mind. First, the Private Activity Bond (PAB) council was established in statue last session. It provides for more transparency and advocacy in the use of PAB resources for low-income housing. PAB dollars are vital to housing authorities through out Nevada, but are in direct competition for industrial projects. Secondly, continued support of the tax abatement dollars established last session for low-income housing.

A2. COVID-19 has shown a bright light on the vulnerable renters of Nevada. Conversations about renters rights have been greatly invigorated, which will help champion this cause.

A3. I think the priority should be a balance of resources between social services and education. Right now, preservation of allocated dollars is more important.

A4. I have been a champion of these issue for a decade; supporting large investments into English Language learners programs; breakfast in the classroom (voted for it 2x, before it was vetoed and then the next legislative session); revising economic abatement programs which favor large corporate abatement.

A5. Another issue near and dear to my heart- I passed legislation to require the Victims of Crime funding be accessible to ALL, not juts those who are citizens. I also supported wholeheartedly, the creation of the Office of New Nevadans.

A6. By continuing the fight to pull down barriers and expand access to services. For example, I passed legislation requiring no-copay contraceptive access by all private insurance plans. I also funded the Women’s Health Connection to provide cancer screening for low-income, uninsured women.

A7. A very important issue. First, reestablish the safety net for our mentally ill. So many important state programs has been outsources to community providers, and the community providers tell us they cannot meet the demand. Our state must get back into the service provider pool, and provide quality QUALITY, services.

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