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Q1. The resurgence of Black Lives Matter has shined a spotlight on the failure of police departments throughout the country to truly ensure public safety. What would you do to address policing concerns impacting the black and immigrant communities and reimagine public safety in our community?

Q2. In addition to policing, how would you address racial injustice in education, housing, and social services?

Q3. COVID-19 has devastated the state budget. What would you do to address budget shortfalls?

Q4. COVID-19 has further worsened an already severe housing crisis in Nevada. How would you address housing security issues?

Vance Alm

A1. I would recommend having a community liaison in every vehicle, equipped with a body camera as well as one on every officer. This would be a way to ensure that officers are following protocols. I would increase mandatory education semiannually regarding deescalation techniques, race relations and appropriate nonlethal techniques.

A2. Enforce the regulations currently on the books would be a good start. Additionally we need to provide increased funding to give a hand up, not a hand out, to racial groups that have been systematically suppressed. We need to provide preferential access to groups that have been excluded from access to the “normal” benefits and opportunities available to the rest of us. It is a responsibility of a civilized society to care for all members of that society.

A3. Look for methods of alternative funding. Seeking additional Federal grants and funding, partnering with business, increased licensing and use fees, possible addition of state lottery; we need to look means to continue state programs. We must continue to supply the investment in our state’s future.

A4. Our state should consider direct purchase and supply of housing units. We could also place requirements on developers to provide a percentage of their new developments to more affordable units.

Lisa Krasner (Incumbent)

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Q1. How would you increase funding and incentives to develop affordable housing for low and middle-income communities?

Q2. How would you support the growing number of renters in our state?

Q3. How would you increase the resources needed for our students and teachers to be successful?

Q4. How would you address economic and racial disparities in our schools?

Q5. How would you create a welcoming and supportive environment in Nevada for immigrants and their families?

Q6. How would you increase healthcare access and affordability in Nevada?

Vance Alm

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Lisa Krasner (Incumbent)

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