To build the New Normal, ACTIONN is launching a relational texting program to ensure our friends, family, and neighbors are registered to vote, have completed the Census, and are meaningfully engaged in the 2020 General Election. Here is how you can join!

Here is the OutVote logo
  1. Download the “OutVote” App on your phone.
  2. Create an Account & Enter ACTIONN’s campaign number: 836038
  3. Sync your contacts with OutVote.
  4. Choose an ACTIONN campaign and start texting your community members to get them engaged in creating a New Normal!
  5. Keep an eye on new campaigns as they are created and continue to keep your community members in the loop!

OutVote Training Slides

Tutorial Video – How to Download & Get Started with OutVote

Need some more support? If you need support or guidance, contact: