Our Immigration Reform Strategy Team works to change hearts and minds on issues surrounding immigration, create structural change, and provide love and support to our immigrant community members.

In the past, we worked with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada to ensure their status as a sanctuary church that would protect immigrants from deportation by sheltering them within their congregation. This is a form of civil disobedience that stands up for basic human rights. After creating this sanctuary church, we then worked to block the deportation of a local father of two. We were successful in creating a one-year stay of his deportation so that he could continue to be with his children. Additionally, we worked with the International Center of Northern Nevada to collect clergy and congregation support for refugee resettlement and to ensure the support of our local governmental organizations. Finally, following the election of President Donald Trump, inspiring thousands of hate-crimes nationally against immigrants and Muslims, ACTIONN held a vigil of support for our Muslim neighbors, garnering support from hundreds of local community members dedicated to love.

Currently, we are working to expand sanctuary church status to new congregations, block the deportation of a local father of four, provide support for our Muslim neighbors, set-up a Rapid Response network, and fight for refugee support.