ACTIONN seeks to catalyze and cultivate a faith-based social justice movement in Northern Nevada by bringing together communities deeply rooted in faith and communities deeply rooted in the pain of injustice to organize and advocate for positive systemic change.

What We Do

We partner with faith communities to deepen their prophetic engagement in social justice issues. We develop effective leaders and robust ministries that empower faith communities to create change through community & congregational outreach, intentional relationship building, coalition building, and strategic social action.

We organize and develop leaders in the communities most impacted by poverty and injustice to ensure that they are the architects of their own future, able to influence the systems that deeply impact their lives.

Finally, we convene and enable powerful coalitions of faith communities, direct-service providers, labor unions, civic organizations, and, most importantly, marginalized communities. These coalitions lead the fight for positive systemic change in our community.