Our community is at a crossroads. Power brokers are “redefining” the region’s identity. Decision-makers are “repositioning” local economies and governments to pave the way for their desired future. Real estate developers are “reimagining” the physical and social landscape of our communities.  

However, many community members are being left out–pushed out even–of this bright future.  More and more of our neighbors cannot afford to live here. The houseless population continues to grow and thousands have turned to weekly motels as their last resort.  Unless something changes, there will be devastating consequences for thousands of individuals and families in our community. Now is the time to cast a bold and collective vision of how to address homelessness, the affordable housing crisis, and other issues of economic injustice.

The Home Means Nevada Coalition aims to do just that. ACTIONN convenes this coalition of faith communities, direct service providers, business leaders, labor unions, and those most impacted by the challenges we face in order to bring a powerful and unified voice to the table. We seek to change the way our community addresses homelessness, housing, and economic opportunity. We will lead our community into making long-term investments that improve the lives of those on the margins and create opportunities for our entire community to thrive.

To get involved, to show your support, or to stay in the loop with the campaign, please fill out a pledge card.

If you are interested in learning more about Home Means Nevada, please contact J.D. Klippenstein at jd@actionn.org.