In October, the City of Reno came to us with a dilemma: both the main shelter and the overflow shelter were full. That meant that people would be on the streets vulnerable to exposure and frostbite this winter. They wanted to know: would faith communities step up? And they did.

If you able to volunteer to staff the shelter between December and March for one or more nights, please reach out to We are particularly looking for congregations and organization to sponsor nights (be responsible for finding 3 or more volunteers for a night), but we will also take individual volunteers to help fill gaps in nights.

Winter Shelter 2 (WS2) training

Thank you to everyone who came out to the first two WS2 trainings. Please message if you would like to be part of this emergency response. You can also share this video with your team and sign up to volunteer. The second overflow shelter will open December 8. Please message for training and Aria once you are ready to signup for a shift. Read more about the Winter Shelter below.

Closing words: “These folks are our neighbors. They are resilient. They are compassionate. They’re strong. They’re smart. They’re human just like you and me. They’ve just run into circumstances… Take a moment to look at the vulnerabilities and the power – who has it and who doesn’t in this scenario… it’s apparent that they are in much more need of protection than you are, so you do have a lot of power… They are the vulnerable ones. Treat them with dignity, respect, with kindness just as you would your neighbor.”

Dec 7th Tent Tour: Come at 6:30 to the Record Street Shelter

WS2 Training Handouts

Watch the 1 hour training video:

November Training video
December Training video