Education Transformation

The Education Strategy Team was formed after ACTIONN’s initial one to one conversations.  The success of our school system was of utmost interest to Northern Nevadans in particular increasing the graduation rates.  The team went to work in researching best practices being use in other school districts.  Two stood out as very successful: Parent Teacher Home Visits and Linked Learning.

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The Education Strategy Team went to work interviewing community leaders to build support for Parent Teacher Home Visits (PTHV).  Within a year a white paper was prepared and presented to the leaders of the Washoe County School district.   The program was adopted and by the end of the third year it will be implemented in 29 schools- including elementary, middle and high schools.  PTHV improves daily attendance, behavior and builds communication between families and teachers.  This is a great beginning to increasing graduation rates.  Our program is so successful that we have been asked to develop a regional HUB to introduce PTHV to schools in our region.  Members of the Education Strategy Team are monitoring the school district as to  the efficacy of the program.

The next strategy, Linked Learning, is a long-term systemic change in the school district.  After interviewing or researching over 23 schools and programs a white paper has been completed.  Linked Learning ignites students’ passions by creating meaningful learning experiences in career-oriented pathways in fields such as engineering, health care, performing arts, law, and more.  Linked Learning combines rigorous academics, career-based learning, work-based learning, and personalized support.

  • Rigorous academics prepare students for success in community colleges and universities, as well as, in apprenticeships and other post-secondary programs.
  • Career-based learning in the classroom that delivers concrete knowledge and skills through a cluster of three or more courses, emphasizing the practical application of academic learning and preparing student for high-skill, high-wage employment.
  • Work-based learning in real-work workplaces via job, shadowing, apprenticeships, internships, and professional skill-building opportunities.
  • Personalizes support services that include counseling and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and math to help students master the rigorous academic and professional skills necessary for success in college and career.

Our findings when researching the Signature Academies which are already in place in all Washoe County  high school is only 10% of all high schools students are able to attend an Academy.  It is the goal the Education Strategy Team to have the Washoe County School district adopt Linked Learning in all high schools and enroll every student.  This goal insures that all students will be career or college ready by graduation. The success of the program depends on the relevancy of the pathway to each student.

The team is currently meeting with community allies.