Our Economic Justice Strategy Team was built around the idea that all people, regardless of their income, deserve basic human rights and access to the resources necessary in order to improve their lives.

To get involved with the Economic Justice Strategy Team, email aria@actionn.org

Our campaign started with a fight for Community Benefit Policies. Community Benefit Policies sought to take aim at tradition of providing subsidies, tax breaks, and other publicly-funded incentives to private businesses with no guarantee of what they would give back to the community. Through this campaign, we fought for local hire, local buy, inclusionary zoning, apprenticeships, and living wages.

While working on a campaign to ensure that a local developer who was lobbying to receive $1.2 million worth of Community Development  Block Grants (CDBG) in order to further their building of high-cost student apartments, we began to mobilize the community of low-income individuals who were being evicted in order to push forward this project in order to fight for Community Benefit Policies. While talking to them about their concerns, it became clear that many of them would not be able to find another place to live. Many of these tenants became houseless, living in weekly motels, in the shelter, or on the streets.

Through our discussions with them, the lack of affordable housing, criminalization of poverty, and irresponsible development policies became increasingly clear. Due to this new understanding of the issues facing the most marginalized in our community, we began a campaign around houselessness and affordable housing.

Today, our campaigns are focused on the Weeklies Organizing Initiative, the Speaker’s Bureau, our Home Means Nevada coalition, decriminalization of poverty, and affordable and low-income housing, as well as ensuring just economic development that benefits every member of our community, rather than just the wealthiest.