Thank you for signing up to host a Digital House Party! These house parties are so essential in power building because it brings new people into the work towards creating a New Normal!

Below are helpful instructions and guidelines to help you conduct a successful Digital House Party.

Preparing for Your Digital House Party

Step 1: Read through the Digital House Party Guidelines for information on how to prepare and plan for your house party! Click Here to Download

Step 2: Review the New Normal Framework and make sure you’re familiar with the content. Click Here to Download

Things to prepare:

  • Outreach Plan – Who and how will you invite? Should you confirm their attendance before the event?
  • Zoom Meeting – If you need access to a Zoom account in order to set-up your digital party, please contact Unpaid Zoom accounts only allow for meetings up to 45 minutes, but ACTIONN can provide access to a paid account that will allow you to plan for longer meetings if needed.

During Your Digital House Party

You will need:

After Your Digital House Party

Social Media – Post a picture of the event and a quote you found powerful from your conversation on your personal social media and/or your congregation’s social media. Make sure to tag ACTIONN!

Debrief – Within a week, have a 1-1 with ACTIONN organizer to debrief and plan for next steps.

Follow-Up – Within a week, call everyone who came to meeting:

  • Thank them for attending.
  • Invite them to the next ACTIONN event and/or a 1-1.
  • Ask if they would be interested in hosting their own party.
  • Get some help by asking someone who attended the party to help with follow up calls. 

Your Organizer is here to support you. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out:

Catholic Congregations, Muslim Community & Latinx Community Leaders:

Evangelical Congregations, Board Members, & Non-Profit/Community Partners:

Northern Nevada Organizer

Southern Nevada Organizer

  • Shaunda Johnson