ACTIONN was formed in 2009 to develop the leadership of people of faith at the grassroots level to achieve the power necessary for creating positive systemic change.

Bringing people together across racial, economic, and religious lines, ACTIONN listens to the stories of the people in Northern Nevada, and our campaigns are deeply rooted in those stories and our shared faith values.

ACTIONN leaders connect with civic and political decision-makers to build relationships, identify common concerns, find solutions, and take action to improve the quality of life and expand opportunity for all Northern Nevada families. Through partnership with faith communities and their members in Northern Nevada, emphasizing connection with people of color, low-income communities, the marginalized, and the politically disenfranchised, ACTIONN works to change the balance of power and achieve positive structural change through building and working with organizations at the local, regional, and statewide level.

We have trained over 600 leaders from 43 faith communities and represent over 40,000 families in Northern Nevada.

Current Campaigns

  • From listening to the community, ACTIONN developed four primary campaigns:
    • Improving schools and education
    • Creating jobs and economic justice
    • Reforming immigration
    • Ensuring racial justice
  • Through these campaigns, ACTIONN is advocating for:
    • Linked Learning
    • Community Benefit Agreements
    • Socially equitable development and a reversal of gentrification
    • Justice for displaced and low-income residents
    • Immigration coalition building
    • Local enforcement agencies that reflect the communities that they serve
    • Increased community involvement and input into law enforcement policies
    • Voter registration and Get Out the Vote

ACTIONN Accomplishments

Voter Registration Voter Engagement

  • Preserve Sunday Voting: ACTIONN engaged with partners to preserve early voting in Washoe County on Sundays.
  • Get Out the Vote: ACTIONN engages in non-partisan voter registration and Get Out the Vote work focusing on building democratic participation. During the 2014 election cycle, ACTIONN made nearly 10,000 voter contacts.


  • Parent Teacher Home Visits: ACTIONN worked with the Washoe County School District to start and fund Parent Teacher Home Visits and to ensure their continued growth.

Jobs and Economic Justice

  • Health Care Jobs of the Future: ACTIONN worked with Truckee Meadows Community College to expand training for high-paying health care jobs for Nevadans.
  • Funding for Housing and Shelters: ACTIONN fought a plan to allocate $1.45 million in backdoor subsidies to developers and successfully reallocated $750,000 of federal grant money into shelter and housing services.
  • Funding for Affordable Housing: ACTIONN was credited by Reno City Council members with ensuring that $400,000 of Community Development Block Grant funds were allocated to an affordable housing project.

Immigration Reform and Racial Justice

  • Immigration Reform: Through partnership with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada, ACTIONN worked to implement church sanctuary for immigrants facing deportation and successfully blocked the deportation of a father of two young children.
  • Law Enforcement: ACTIONN continues to work with local law enforcement agencies to make policy changes to improve outcomes for immigrants and to create a more diverse law enforcement agency.
  • Citizen Input into Law Enforcement: Won an agreement from the Reno City Council to have input into hiring decisions for the police chief. Created agreements with the Reno Police Chief and the Washoe County Sheriff to have Citizen Advisory Boards with ACTIONN at the table.

Public & Community Forums

  • Public Assemblies: ACTIONN has held nine public assemblies with thousands of community and faith members in attendance. These assemblies addressed issues of importance to community members, engaged presidential candidates to hear issues of concern, and carried messages of hope to Northern Nevada.