We, as people of faith and goodwill, believe in equity and justice for all, especially for those on the margins. We imagine a community rooted in respect, dignity, and love. We envision a democracy where people come first.

Our community-focused & values-driven voter platform is meant to drive a powerful conversation with voters and candidates in 2020. We will ensure that the most pressing concerns of our families and neighbors are at the forefront of the election season and that candidates are truly committed to meeting the needs of their constituents.

You can help us engage with our elected leaders and make sure that they put people first in all their decision making by:

  • Sign our pledge card to tell us what issues matter to you!
  • Register to vote!
  • Vote in 2020!
  • Participate in the 2020 Census!
  • Invite your congregation to join our network of faith communities working for social justice in Northern Nevada!

Email Aria Overli at aria@actionn.org for more information on how to get involved.